Infusion Therapy


Patient-Centered Philosophy

Our patient-centered philosophy drives innovative thought to ensure the ultimate patient experience. A warm greeting, a consistent care-delivery team, personalized amenities, private suites, and high-quality care help us stay true to our promise.

Our Promise

Our promise is to always treat patients and caregivers as family; this is the foundation of InfuseAble Care. Each patient can expect streamlined navigation and ongoing collaboration with their specialty practitioner during their care.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to enhance the outpatient infusion experience for both the referring physician and patient to revolutionize the way care is delivered.

At InfuseAble Care, we feel that every person being treated for chronic autoimmune or immunological diseases via infusion therapy should be treated in an environment that is conducive to their everyday lifestyle.

Our infusion suites are professionally designed to provide our patients the infusion treatment they need in an atmosphere that promotes healing and zero interruptions in their daily routine. Patients are greeted with a smile and are immediately welcomed as a part of the InfuseAble Care family.

We customize our infusion treatment delivery to your specific needs. Do you need assistance from your car and into the infusion suites? We are happy to help! Do you need a private computer room to work? We have just the place for you! Would you just like an extra pillow and the TV remote? It’s YOUR choice at InfuseAble Care.

Our core team are experienced infusion center administrators, pharmacists, physicians, and nurses that came together to deliver the type of infusion treatment they always dreamed of providing in a traditional setting, but couldn’t.

We Accept the Following Insurance Providers

Aetna Health Care
Arizona Care Network Health Insurance
Banner Aetna Insurance
Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance
Cigna Health Insurance
Equality Health Network Insurance
Imperial Health Holdings Health Insurance
Imperial Health Holdings Health Insurance
Oscar Health Insurance
Medicaid Government Insurance
Medicare Government Insurance
TriWest Health Insurance
TriWest Health Insurance

How can infusion treatment at InfuseAble Care be cost effective for both insurance company and patients?

At InfuseAble Care, we are a free standing infusion center. We offer all the same treatment as hospital-owned centers, but we eliminate the hidden charges of facility fees and high price professional fees. Our entire focus is your infusion treatment, saving you time and money.

Hospital infusion centers have an associated facility fee, meaning that there is a fee for the patient to sit in their chair. When a patient receives infusion therapy for autoimmune or immunological diseases in a hospital-owned infusion center, the cost is 2-10X higher than receiving the same therapy by the same licensed medical professionals in an environment that caters to the patient and not the bottom dollar. In addition to facility fees, administrative code reimbursement is four times more expensive in the hospital than free-standing physician infusion centers for commercial members; for Medicare, it is frequently twice as costly in the hospital.

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