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Center of Excellence

The gold standard for KRYSTEXXA® gout treatment.

KRYSTEXXA® Center of Excellence

The gold standard for KRYSTEXXA® gout treatment.

InfuseAble Care is an established KRYSTEXXA® Center of Excellence for our patient-centered care and closely managed gout infusion therapy. KRYSTEXXA® patients treated at an InfuseAble Care clinic can expect the highest level of care throughout the entire treatment process.

What Makes InfuseAble Care the Gold Standard KRYSTEXXA® Infusion Therapy?

Fastest Turn-Around from Referral to Scheduled Treatment

Thanks to our team of intake specialists, our patients receive treatment faster, reducing the wait time between referral and the first infusion.

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On-Site and Day-Of Uric Acid Lab Testing

Patients with gout require careful monitoring of their uric acid levels during the course of IV therapy. InfuseAble care offers in-clinic, same-day uric acid testing. No need to schedule a separate appointment days before your KRYSTEXXA® infusion, our patients get tested, receive results, and complete their infusions all in one appointment.

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Immunomodulation Management

Immunomodulators can help strengthen the immune system by better equipping it to handle exposure to infectious pathogens. InfuseAble Care prescribes and manages immunomodulators to our KRYSTEXXA® patients with gout, which has been shown to improve the efficacy of IV therapy treatment.

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Meticulous Case Management and Patient Communication

Our KRYSTEXXA® patients can expect communication from our team within 24 hours of referral receipt. InfuseAble Care is available for all questions from the patient or referring provider to ensure a streamlined referral process.

InfuseAble Care’s KRYSTEXXA® standards for gout management lead to higher treatment sustainment for our patients, meaning more InfuseAble Care patients successfully complete therapy than patients at other infusion clinics.

How to Get Treatment

For Patients Seeking Treatment

If you are experiencing symptoms of gout or still have elevated uric acid levels after trying oral gout medications, ask your doctor about a KRYSTEXXA® referral at InfuseAble Care.

For Referring Providers

If you’d like to refer a gout patient to InfuseAble Care for KRYSTEXXA®, complete a referral form and fax or email it to our intake team.

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