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Our Story

InfuseAble Care was founded by Mark Kharoufeh RN, BSN, MBA and Rick Yerondopoulos PharmD in Scottsdale, AZ. With a combined 45 years of clinical operations experience, our passion for a high quality, personalized environment with amenities that accommodate the patient has driven us to establish InfuseAble Care as the premier center for patients and practitioners.

Mark Kharoufeh


Rick Yerondopoulos


Our Goal: Build an outpatient infusion (iv) therapy care center utilizing patient feedback as the foundation for how we implement services and provide care. 

After years of running operations at the hospital level, Mark and Rick set out to build an outpatient infusion and immediate care center utilizing patient feedback as the foundation in which it was created. The consistent patient frustrations around difficulty scheduling, wait times, rubbing elbows with their neighbor, facility fees, and lack of physician presence has fueled Mark and Rick’s commitment to enhance the overall experience. Their passion to treat all patients and caregivers as if they are family, has led to recognition locally and nationally for customer service and quality care.

“We established InfuseAble Care, with the patient’s best interest at heart. We will never be ok with the status quo as it relates to the traditional infusion center environment. At InfuseAble Care, our patients can relax in a private setting, feel confident that they won’t be treated like a number, and have direct access to our on-site physician and nurse for the duration of the visit.”

Mark and Rick have built a reputation for always doing what is right for patients and caregivers alike. Their passion to deliver a more cost-effective, highly reliable care environment for all patients has put InfuseAble Care on the map as the premier destination site of service for infusion therapy with physicians around the valley. Together, Mark and Rick are thrilled to bring North Scottsdale its first multi-specialty infusion center and a fully integrated lab.

To our physician and provider partners in the community, InfuseAble Care has dedicated its resources to bringing your patients a value-based model that always puts the patient first.

Finally, to our patients in the community needing infusion therapy, we listened and built InfuseAble Care around your recommendations. We will always be your advocate and navigate you back to your referring physician with a complete summary of your visit. With our system that understands the challenges of referrals, authorizations, scheduling, and access to care, we can guarantee the ultimate experience for all referring practices, patients, and caregivers.