For Providers

Simply fax the referral form and InfuseAble Care will complete the insurance authorization and scheduling for each patient. Our purpose is to create a seamless process so that your practice is uninterrupted. We created a highly efficient model so that your referral coordinators and medical assistants can continue to serve your patients without the constant back and forth. Simply put, we represent your referral as an extension of your office.



Pre-authorizations take time and effort, which takes away from you caring for patients. Our streamlined process gets pre-authorizations faster so patients get the care they need, when they need it.


We specialize in working with each individual’s schedule to get them the care they need quickly and at their convenience. Let us show you how we put the patient first!


We operate as if our team is an extension of yours. We will always close the loop and provide a summary to you after each patient’s visit at InfuseAble Care.