More About IV Vitamin Therapy

All About IV Vitamin Therapies 

What if you could get the competitive edge you’ve always desired and bypass some of life’s limitations? Our IV vitamin therapy can be just what you need to experience life to the fullest. With a special IV vitamin therapy formulation, your body can get essential vitamins, electrolytes, nutrients, electrolytes, and fluids that enhance body functions.

With up to five different IV vitamin therapies available, you can choose one and enjoy a more robust life. Unlike most traditional supplements administered orally, IV vitamin therapy has a 100% absorption rate. This ensures quick replenishment of vitamins and nutrients balance, hydration levels, and your general appearance gets better. What’s more? This therapy leaves you feeling revitalized and ready to accomplish more in your life.

What is IV Vitamin Therapy Treatment?

IV vitamin therapy treatment is a non-invasive special nutritional therapy designed to ensure your body has easy access to all nutrients. While your body needs a healthy and balanced diet for essential nourishment, your body doesn’t always absorb all the vitamins. But when delivered through your bloodstream there is quick and higher absorption thus ensuring more health benefits.

IV vitamin therapy infusions are a combination of natural amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. The vitamin infusion is administered into your bloodstream via a drip.

How Does the Process Work?

Nutritional IV therapy administration is similar to normal medical IV. The difference is that you are getting a special selection of nutrients delivered into your body. The process is not painful. While you may experience a mild pinch when the IV is fixed on your arm, the process is easy and relaxing.

The entire process will take between 20 to 60 minutes, depending on the infusion that is being administered.

When a vitamin supplement is administered orally, your digestive system breaks it down, but the body will only absorb about 50%. On the contrary, when the same supplements are delivered intravenously, your body absorption happens faster, and the assimilation rates are almost double.

There are different vitamin formulations depending on your condition and needs. Typically, you’ll be getting a combination of select vitamins and minerals to help you get a specific result.

Benefits of IV Vitamin Infusions

IV vitamin therapy treatment provides a way of quickly delivering nutrients to your body. Since the method bypasses the digestive system, nutrient assimilation starts immediately, thus leading to quick results.

IV vitamin therapy is a great way of providing relief for many ailments that stem from cumulative effects of poor nutrition, environmental toxins, dehydration, stress, and other lifestyle stressors.

Vitamin therapy is used for enhancing skin appearance, anti-aging, detoxification, stimulating weight loss, enhance recovery from sports, and improve overall wellbeing.

Here are some more benefits of IV vitamin therapy:

  • Enhanced mood
  • Stronger immunity and protection against flu or cold
  • Improved mental focus and concentration
  • Balanced blood sugar Lower anxiety
  • Better sleep patterns Improved appearance and complexion

Safety and Risks

IV vitamin therapy infusions use essential nutrients that your body cannot produce and rely on food to extract the nutrients. But with the increased over-utilization of farmlands, genetic modification of food, and dependence on processed foods, most people are not getting enough essential nutrients.

Under the supervision and advice of a medical expert, you can supplement the deficiency and ensure your body functions at its peak. As in the case of most medical procedures, there is a possibility of complications. But IV vitamin therapy is a low-risk procedure. However, a medical professional will first check all your vitals and medical history to ensure no contraindications.

While side effects are rare, the most common complaints include inflammation of the vein used and possible allergic reactions.